Demetric Pruitt C.E.O. of BECAMEHUMBLEFILMZ born and Raised in South Central Los Angeles. The middle child of two sisters. Parents raised us as Jehovah witnesses but at the age of 14 I left that religion. Upon leaving that understanding I didn’t follow any religion. However, there was a passion for music since before I could remember! Started writing raps in High school around the 11th grade. I started going to Christian bible study but didn’t take it too serious until later on in the mid 90’s.

During this time, it was like TMH was calling me out of darkness through some serious spiritual warfare being experienced! Although the correct understanding on the scriptures was not revealed I started recording music on who I Thought Our Creator was. In 2012 one of my good friends kept telling me about being the true Hebrews but this was not received until a year later. While watching this documentary on the truth about our captivity it started to make sense! It’s like YAHUAH took the blindfolds off my eyes to see truth.

However, I didn’t get right back into music. Still being nudged by Yahuah through this same friend to start writing again! Humble Roots is the first project since I actually started writing again which has been a barakah.

I Thank Ahba YAHUAH for my family! My beautiful wife and seven children. Plan on continue to release music for Yasharal bringing glory to Yahuah!